BPC157 Peptides for Injury Repair

BPC-157 Injury Repair Peptide infographic

  BPC157 Peptides for Sports Injury Repair BPC157 Peptide for Injury Repair also called Body Protection Compound or Bepecin. A pentadecapeptide made up of 15 amino acids discovered in human gastric juice. It has been seen to accelerate the healing of injuries- Including gastric ulcers, tendons, ligaments & bones in testing. BPC-157 activates the proteinic […]

Using Testosterone effectively and correctly

Using Testosterone effectively and correctly All these names, all this lingo, slang terms, “experts” saying contradicting things.. How would anyone ever breach this strange new world of bio-identical hormone replacement without either an endocrinologists supervision or at least a comprehensive assessment and walkthrough from a physician or trained healthcare professional? Well maybe you just need […]

Functional Medicine Doctors West Palm Beach

  Functional Medicine in a Nutshell Lately the term functional medicine gets thrown around often.  Most people think this is a form of alternative medicine, but are not entirely sure what it is composed of.  Hopefully this article will bring everyone a little clarity to this area of medicine.  In the majority of medical schools, […]

PRP in the Treatment of Injury

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP therapy West Palm Beach by Dr Jenn When we get injured, our bodies know best of how to fix itself. That being said, injuries sometimes need a small nudge in the right direction to heal appropriately. There are many different injuries from a torn rotator cuff, exercise induced injuries to paresthesia […]

What is Platelet Rich Plasma? (PRP)

What is Platelet Rich Plasma? (PRP) MedClub® Physician House Calls West Palm Beach Dr. Jenn   What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and how does it work?  There is a lot of buzz about treatments with PRP right now.  From Kardashians Vampire Facial® which uses PRP to injured athletes’ getting PRP treatment for their injuries, […]

Can PRP Stem Cell Therapy help with neck pain?

Written by: Dr. Jenn   Can PRP (platelet rich plasma) help chronic pain? Maybe or maybe not. It really depends on what is causing the pain. After you a lived a certain amount of time, you are almost guaranteed to have some kind of chronic pain. Whether it is your back, your joints, a specific muscle […]