Testosterone Replacement Therapy


MedClub by Dr. Jenn has been offering Testosterone Replacement Therapy in West Palm Beach as well as Performance Medicine for Men for the last decade. This is not a cut and dry subject, there are many factors that come into play. We will break down the absolute basics and if you want to see if you qualify for this treatment you may contact us anytime!

Hormones affect every part of the body, fat is no exception. Every man needs some estrogen, no matter what age. Estrogens role in men ranges from spermatogenesis (creating mature sperm) to cardiovascular health to bone strength, but too much estrogen can lead to unwanted side effects and overall discontent. In humans the most prevalent form of estrogen is estradiol (E2) and is what we test when doing hormone balancing. When estrogen levels increase, a specific receptor on subcutaneous fat, antilipolytic a2A-adrenergic receptors, increase on subcutaneous fat cells. The result of the stimulation of this receptor is decrease lysis of these adipocytes… in other words the body holds on to these adipose cells and it becomes all but impossible to get rid of this layer of fat that is just under the skin. Further insult to injury is these adipocytes (fat cells) have an enzyme called aromatase in them. The role of this enzyme is to turn testosterone to estrogen. So high estrogen makes it nearly impossible to reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat which in turn increases your estrogen. A vicious cycle that cannot be broken without help. So what are the signs that your estrogen is increased? It doesn’t mean that you will suddenly develop a form that looks more feminine, it means that no matter how hard you work out, you cannot see muscle development under a layer of fat, it means that every diet you have tried doesn’t help to rid your body of this fat, it means total frustration.

What is the difference between Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and “juicing or cycles”?

This is a common question, and we don’t intend to belittle anyone or judge them for the choices they have made in the past. What is important is that you are looking toward your future, and you want to do this the right way, not to mention the safest way. We see many patients who have used steroids in the past and come into the clinic worried about fertility impairment, testicle shrinkage, symptoms of gyno, and lower testosterone due to improper post cycle transitions. Dr. Jenn and her team at MedClub® have developed a very streamlined system for administering & monitoring TRT. The blood analysis, medication consultation, and training are all done in office. We work with people from all walks of life, past olympians, average joes, and everyone in between. We do not use cookie cutter dosages, every case is treated individually. We can often accommodate people with diabetes, heart conditions, and seniors as well. We have perfected the science of helping men regain their youth while protecting the body from any unforeseen permanent damage. 

At MedClub our process is very simple, we train each patient to administer their own medications in the comfort of their own home. Then we provide everything including the supplies whether they are on injectables or not. The medications are shipped to the patient or they can also pick them up locally. We charge an $89 monthly membership fee and that’s it. If the patient is not comfortable with injections that is not a problem, we compound testosterone in sublingual lozenge form as well. We offer multiple varieties of supplements, diet medications, and peptides to help get you to your goal quickly and safely. We want our clients to be longterm happy clients, testosterone replacement and supplementation can be the fountain of youth for many of us, but we try to go a step further. Our staff is dedicated to being the best in the industry, and at one of the best values.

If you have not been feeling like you used to, if you think about doing chores more than getting frisky with your partner, can’t seem to get ahead at the gym, or burn that stubborn fat, then we can help. Most of our clients report an increase in mood, muscle tone, weight control, sexual appetite, sexual performance, attitude, concentration, mental cognition, memory, and sleep quality. We are professionals who have trained with the industry leaders in this field including A4M. If you want to do this, we recommend you do this the right way, with a specialized Medical Doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does testosterone cost?


Everyone takes different dosages, and types of testosterone but the most common is Depo-Testosterone. A typical 10 week supply costs roughly $70-90 at most pharmacies.



Do I need to sign a contract?


There is no contract when joining a MedClub® Membership. You may cancel at any time for any reason. A titration schedule will be given if needed at the time of cancellation. Cancellation can be done by phone or email before the next billing cycle occurs. 



What if I need multiple services?


Often patients will need to combine services from different tiers of service such as combining peptide therapies with TRT or adding ED treatment to their ongoing testosterone therapy, for this we will combine monthly membership tiers at a discounted rate.


What’s the cost to get started?


The initial exam, full hormone blood workup, training, consultation, and prescribing for new TRT patients is $300. The only extra cost aside from this visit is the medication cost at the pharmacy. Pickup and Delivery of meds is available in most cases.