Can PRP Stem Cell Therapy help with neck pain?

Written by: Dr. Jenn   Can PRP (platelet rich plasma) help chronic pain? Maybe or maybe not. It really depends on what is causing the pain. After you a lived a certain amount of time, you are almost guaranteed to have some kind of chronic pain. Whether it is your back, your joints, a specific muscle […]

Concierge Botox & Fillers in West Palm Beach

               Jennifer Guthrie R.N.,M.D. MedClub by Dr. Jenn Health & Beauty Blog -August 8th 2016   Concierge Cosmedical Services in West Palm Beach, FL In other parts of the country concierge Botox® and fillers have been all the rage for quite some time now. The physician brings the product […]

Botox® for Migraines in West Palm Beach, Florida

                September, 25th 2016 Jennifer Guthrie M.D.   What is a migraine… What is a migraine?  This is a question that has plagued the medical community for many years.  What we do know is that migraines is a problem with sensory processing creating central nervous system symptoms that […]