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-August 8th 2016


Concierge Cosmedical Services in West Palm Beach, FL

In other parts of the country concierge Botox® and fillers have been all the rage for quite some time now. The
physician brings the product directly to the patients home or office and performs the treatment right there. There is no added risk if performed correctly, the most important thing to remember is always verify the doctor before setting the appointment. This can be done easily from Google. Lookup the doctors information and make sure they are legally allowed to practice in your state. My name is Dr. Jennifer Guthrie R.N., M.D. I worked as a nurse before getting my doctorate from Mercer University. I opened “MedClub by Dr. Jenn” a “Mobile Medical Spa” here in West Palm Beach in 2015. I have since found my calling in concierge medicine, specifically aesthetics. I have trained with Dr. Charles Runels, who is world renowned for his creation of the Vampire Facelift® and other Vampire Aesthetics brands. My passion is beauty, aesthetics, and personalized medicine. For daily health & beauty information follow my social media outlets listed at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy this article. For concierge medical appointments please call my office (561) 214-3323

Jennifer Guthrie R.N., M.D.

What does Concierge Medicine in West Palm Beach gonna cost me?

So, you might be thinking is “concierge Botox” or Juvederm® out of my price range? Is this a service that only the stars can afford? Typically yes, in Manhattan it is a minimum $50
0 “house call fee” for the concierge service. But, this is not Manhattan. In an effort to bring this idea to [West Palm Beach] and the surrounding area, I do not charge anything for the visit. When you set up an appointment I usually charge a $50 deposit before traveling to anyones home. Then we do the procedure and you simply pay for the cost of the product. In this case, it is $13 per unit of Botox.

If you have never had Botox or Juvederm before do not be afraid. It has been tested on literally millions of satisfied clients worldwide. The procedures take about 10-20 minutes on average, are virtually pain free, and have little to no down time. The cost can vary immensely depending on which doctor you see. In palm Beach County the price ranges from $12-20+ per unit and Juvederm can range from $500-1000+
Now you may be wondering, $13 per unit… what is a unit? Well, a unit is how we measure the Botox. (onabotulinumtoxinA) To give you an easy to understand example a person with moderate wrinkles on the forehead is going to need 30-60+ units of Botox to completely relax the facial muscles in question. It all depends on the severity of the wrinkle, which is directly related to the strength of the underlying muscle. I have patients who only use 30 units every 3 months, I also have patients who require 75+ units to achieve the look they want.

My goal as an aesthetics physician is not to give you the “frozen look”. Botox and Juvederm are forms of human art. I want every client to look as youthful and radient as possible while still keeping their natural appeal. Too little, and we still have wrinkles. Too much, and we get rid of all expression above the eye brows. It is a very precise art form, which is why
you should always use a doctor trained in the aesthetics field. Juvederm is another “handle with care” product. When performing lip augmentations (lip injections) I often find that women have a different image in their head than the one they see in the mirror. I typically advise my first time lip patients to try a half syringe of Juvederm, then let the filler and the swelling settle. After about a week they can see exactly what half a syringe looks like, and can make the decision if they want to use the rest. Sometimes they are happy with just a minimal plumpness, sometimes they want the Angelina look. There is no right or wrong, it is whatever helps my clients feel the most beautiful! Fillers such as Juvederm XC® typically last about one year depending on the patients matabolism rate.

Botox parties are also a great way to receive your Botox free of charge. If you call 5 friends who are interested in having the procedure, and host a small gathering at your home, you will receive your Botox absolutely free. This helps us promote our Mobile Medical Spa in Palm Beach, everyone at the gathering gets a great deal on Botox, ($11/unit) and you get yours free! It is a win for everyone!

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