Methylene Blue 15MG Capsules

Methylene Blue 15MG Capsules

Methylene Blue 15mg Capsules (Custom Quantity) made by our compounding pharmacy partners, this prescription grade Rx product has a higher bioavailability than traditional over the counter supplement versions. This product is available with Rx included, clinical support, and a Telemedicine Waiver. All products are compounded to order and shipped to the patients door via UPS/Fedex. Please contact our clinic with direct questions about our products and anti-aging protocols.



Introducing our Custom Compounded Methylene Blue Capsules – Your Personalized Solution for Enhanced Well-being!

At MedClub, we understand that every individual is unique, and their healthcare needs are as distinct as their fingerprints. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you our Custom Compounded Methylene Blue Capsules, meticulously crafted to cater to your specific health requirements by our trusted third party compounding pharmacies right here in Florida.

Possible Benefits & Uses of Methylene Blue Capsules

Methylene Blue is renowned for its diverse health benefits. From cognitive enhancement and mood stabilization to its potential antioxidant properties, Methylene Blue has been studied for various positive effects on overall well-being. By choosing our Custom Compounded Methylene Blue Capsules, you’re investing in a natural solution that may contribute to your health and vitality. Our skilled pharmacists employ advanced compounding techniques to create your customized Methylene Blue capsules. With precision and care, we ensure that each capsule contains the precise dosage required, promoting optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Whats in the Box?

  • Custom count bottle of compounded methylene Blue 15MG or 25MG Capsules
  • Each order includes clinical oversight and phone support
  • Made in USA by our 503A/B accredited pharmacy partners
  • FDA approved medical grade compound
  • Must be 18+ to order

How Ordering Methylene Blue 15MG Rx Capsules Online Works

Step 1. Place Your Order

Step 2. A Team Member will reach out to you with a simple online medical waiver or simply click the link before or after your purchase.

Step 3. Wait for your package to arrive (2 day shipping is included)

Step 4. Once the package arrives follow the included instructions or call our clinic for 1 on 1 support

methylene Blue Capsules are made by our pharmacy partners, granting better quality than an over the counter supplement alternative.

Read more about the health benefits of Methylene Blue and its role in anti-aging science:

National Library of Medicine

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This program may include compounded medications that are clinical substitutions of brand name medications compounded by licensed compounding pharmacies under section 503A. To learn more about the benefits, risks, & differences of compounded medication substitutes you may visit the FDA Drug Shortage List & FDA Compounding Substitutions Information Page. MedClub only utilizes pharmacies in the United States that adhere to the standards of practices under 503A, 503B, & 503C active licensing and acts in good faith that these standards will be upheld by each licensed compounding pharmacy. These compounds may have deviations from the brand name substitute. If you have questions about compounded medications, the approval process, testing requirements or licensing patients must contact their dispensing 3rd party pharmacy directly.


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Weight 1 lbs

30 Capsules, 60 Capsules, 90 Capsules


15MG, 25MG