1mL Injection supply (1ml + 1″ needles + draw needles)

1mL Injection supply (1ml + 1″ needles + draw needles)

This kit includes sterile syringes suitable for multiple purposes.

Each item is individually sealed and sterile.

Each kit is suitable for 100 sterile uses.

Please dispose responsibly.

Must be 18+ to order

Return Policy: Contact us for order cancellations or replacements directly. Replacements can only be done if the shipping carrier opens a case for a missing/lost/stolen package. Due to the nature of medical products no returns are accepted once the product is received by the patient. All orders are final.

Disclaimer: MedClub® holds all appropriate licensure for the prescribing & sale of medical equipment and components.



Our 1mL Intramuscular injection kit comes individually sealed with one hundred of each item. These kits can be used for many different injections including testosterones, BCAAs, B12Lipo-B Fat Burner, Lipo-C, Cyanocobalamin, and other injectables. All persons being these kits must be 18+ and fill out our Telemedicine Waiver. Please watch our Training Video before or after purchase to adequately inform yourself of proper sterile technique. 

Instructions for using proper sterile technique to administer intramuscular injections:

1. Clean the top of the vial before inserting the needle, even if the vial is brand new it may still have bacteria on the top seal.

2. Make sure not to bend the needle when you puncture the rubber control seal, always invert the vial so as not to draw air into the syringe.

3. Never touch the sterile end of either the syringe or the needle so as not to contaminate them.

4. Draw slowly by pulling back on the plunger

5. Remove the needle from the vial and use the plunger to purge out any remaining air from the syringe.

6. Always wipe the area of injection before each shot with alcohol and let dry for 10 seconds

7. Insert the needle as instructed by your practitioner, most intramuscular injection compounds are not meant to be used subcutaneously so make sure to insert the full length of the needle. 

8. Slowly push the plunger until the syringe is empty

9. Remove the needle and dispose of all supplies properly after each use

10. Wipe the area with alcohol and let dry 10 seconds. If there is any blood, make sure to apply pressure to the alcohol swab until any bleeding subsides. 

11. Always follow the manufacturers storage directions. 

12. Keep all supplies out of reach of children


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