buy semaglutide onlineThe Semaglutide weight loss craze has hit the weight loss market by storm. Semaglutide, the generic of popular GLP-1 drug Ozempic/Wegovy is FDA approved to treat obesity & type II diabetes. It is even easier now to buy Semaglutide weekly weight loss injections via Telemedicine through MedClub®.


Brand Name Ozempic/Wegovy Vs. Compounded Semaglutide

MedClub® makes it easy to start a Semaglutide weight loss journey without leaving home. With nationwide shortages of the brand name drugs Ozempic & Wegovy there has been more and more patients having to look to compounding pharmacies and special providers to obtain their medication. This lowers out of pocket costs for patients, and streamlines the process. The standard price range for a single supply of Ozempic or Wegovy at a corporate pharmacy is between $3,000-4,000. Our 10 week semaglutide costs patients much less, and includes our special weight loss titration schedule. Buy semaglutide online with confidence knowing MedClub clinical support is always there to help. Our compounded medication is the generic equivalent of the brand names and pharmacologically the same as the pharmaceutical equivalent Ozempic & Wegovy. Our semaglutide comes in a 2mg per milliliter solution in a 5 milliliter vial therefore increasing the duration of therapy.


Buying Semaglutide Online through MedClub

Our kit comes with everything a patient needs to start using Semaglutide injections weekly for 10 weeks. MedClub provides expert training with each Telemedicine order of Semaglutide. Our Semaglutide comes in a 5ml vial which lasts most patients roughly 10 weeks depending on their dosage.

The most common side effect of Semaglutide is nausea based on the FDA Clinical Trial. 

By utilizing a special titration technique designed by Dr. Jennifer Guthrie, our patients can avoid most of the neausea.

Dr. Guthrie has created this revolutionary titration schedule for Semaglutide which allows each patients to customize their own dosage for optimal effect and BMI reduction.

The results of weekly Semaglutide injections stunned the medical community showing an average reduction in BMI of 14%+

This new weight loss medication has been featured in many positive articles, including the New York Times


Buy Semaglutide Online – Steps to Order Now

  1. Navigate to our Online Store, then add Semaglutide Weight Loss Kit to your cart.
  2. Next, complete the secure checkout process and save the confirmation email for your records.
  3. An automatic email will then be sent containing our custom Telemedicine Waiver which must be completed by each patient before we can process any prescriptions.
  4. A staff member will reach out by phone to go over your waiver, answer questions, and help you understand the training material packet provided.
  5. We will send your order to our compounding pharmacy partner
  6. Lookout for your tracking number via email
  7. All Semaglutide Online orders ship via UPS or Fedex Overnight in a Cold-Pak Mailer
  8. Follow Dr. Jenn’s titration schedule and diet for optimal success

How to Refill Semaglutide Online

Patients looking to refill existing semaglutide prescriptions can reorder directly from the shop page. To update your address simply add the new address to the orders shipping address. Lookout for your refill coupon 30 days after purchase! No need to fill out a second waiver.

Does Semaglutide really work

During the FDA Clinical Trial process researchers evaluated mass patient groups against a placebo group. The patients taking semaglutide in varied weekly doses saw much greater weight loss than the control (placebo) group, additionally a reduction in overall BMI was achieved over 52 weeks. These results impressed the medical community, consequently it brought hope to a large group of patients who had struggled with Obesity for years. We have seen our patients lose an average of 7-12% BMI over a 20 week regiment. Patients who combine semaglutide with a low carb or calorie restricted diet see exponentially better results than those who don’t. Most patients start seeing weight reduction after week 3 or 4, furthermore the weight loss continues without plateau for a few weeks after they are finished.

Long Term Semaglutide

Many people will ask “what will I do when I finish the program?”. Semaglutide can be taken long term, accordingly we typically prescribe a moderated dosage plan for ongoing treatment. Helping patients adjust lifestyle choices and long term diet is key to creating a life long success story.

Looking to do a longer Semaglutide Program?

If you are already taking Ozempic/Wegovy/Monjaro® and are having trouble finding the brand names at your local pharmacy, or are tired of paying $1000+ for 4 Pens we can help!

Patients who are already taking these meds will be using higher doses than patient just starting. This will mean you would go through your vials much quicker than a patient who is just starting their titration. If you are using 1-2.5mg weekly you are permitted to custom order multiple vials in the same order which will save on shipping. Semaglutide & Tirzepatide have 90 day Beyond Use Dates so patients just starting out cannot order multiple vials due to the expiration date. Contact us directly for discount pricing on multi-vial orders.

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