When one looks at the side of the degree of presentation the people in the current age give preference to, the one thing that is extremely noticeable is that people pay great heed to presentation, so much so, that they have even resorted to artificial means like surgery or Botox. One can see almost every other person opting for one treatment or another to, not only get rid of age marks, but also to change certain features that even include those of the face. While Botox and surgery are both methods to bring about change in features, there is a very huge difference in the both of them.

Surgery is usually a very complicated method seeing that they make use of knives to reshape the face by actually having to replace skin or muscles. The process is not only long, but also painful, and costlier. However, any small mistake in a surgery can cause a lifetime mark, and a second surgery will not only cost a great deal but can also be harmful. Surgeries are not usually depended on unless the change needed is immense such as a total facelift. Average cost $12,000.

Botox is an easier alternative of surgery. Not only does Botox cost less, but the risk that is involved in Botox injections is very small. The main idea of Botox is to use a very fine needle to inject a neurotoxin to relax facial muscles. This neurotoxin works to paralyze the muscle it has been injected in, therefore causing the muscle to become immobile. With the immobility, it becomes impossible for the muscle to contract and wrinkle.

However, unlike surgery, Botox is not a permanent process. The effects of Botox is contingent upon the metabolization rate of the person, the average time between treatments is 3-6 months.

The reason Botox injections are much more preferred than any other treatments for wrinkles or any minor face uplifting, is because this process is extremely easy to undertake. In only a matter of minutes, the Botox is injected and it does not need time to settle. Therefore, one does not need to remain resting after the Botox injection has been injected.

Even the cost of Botox injection is very cheap as well, mostly depending on where the injection is being taken. Botox also does not cause any pain therefore it has no need for anaesthetic. The main use of Botox is to relax the wrinkle causing muscles that have formed in the face. It is especially preferred because there are almost no side effects. Even if some side effects are seen, they are short lived. Side effects include swelling, reddening and a very short lived headache. These are typically very mild, Botox is so safe the FDA has approved it to be applied right through makeup! Although it is good practice to thoroughly cleanse the face before any cosmedical facial treatment.


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