The need for perfection in the world has been seen to intensify to the point that people are willing to undergo severe treatments to bring about a change in their physical forms. Fear against such treatments has lessened further with the several good outcomes all across the globe. Especially with the invention of anesthetic, the pain that could have been felt during surgeries is completely dimmed down making the procedure more favorable to those who would like to get rid of or add certain features to their overall features.

One of the main concerns of the world we live in today is the lines that are formed due to the natural process of aging. Aging is a continuous process and although there are ways to keep the aging from showing on the face, the times we live in do not allow the luxury to spend the time required for that management. Therefore, people depend on easier, faster and hence more favourable methods of getting rid of age lines. Three of the most important of these methods are injection of Botox, Restylane and Juvederm.


Botox is the most approached way of getting rid of wrinkles that show first on the face. The concept is simple and completely harmless. A small dose of a toxin known as the botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle where the wrinkles have been seen. This botulinum toxin is made from a bacteria called the clostridium botulinum (and hence the name of the toxin). Once injected into the muscle, it essentially paralyzes the muscles causing it to turn immobile and therefore unable to wrinkle. The reason this is so popular is because not only is it the cheapest of the lot but it is also very time saving seeing that it does not need any time to settle. One could go about their day right after they have had Botox injected. However, a single injection usually never does the trick. One needs to get a number of injections before the wrinkles can be properly gotten rid of.


Restylane is more of filler that helps in evening out the wrinkles on the face. It is comparatively costlier and more effective seeing that they stay longer. Restylane is basically a kind of sugar that is naturally produced in the body. Since it is not an animal product, the risk to contract diseases is nil. They essentially help in resubmitting water to the dried out cells and the duration of the effect depends upon how close it is to the bone.


Juvederm is filler that is much similar to Restylane, the only difference being in the method they have been made. Juvederm uses a separate filtration process and can prove to be even costlier. The advantages of Juvederm are the same as that of Restylane. Side effects can range from reddening or swelling, sometimes even bruising. However, these side effects are temporary. Restylane may even cause minor headaches for those being injected with it.

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