Hair Restore Lite Solution

Hair Restore Lite Solution

Minoxidil / Azelaic Acid 5/12.5% 60 mL Dropper Bottle

This topical solution is effective in fighting hair loss caused by multiple symptoms and is safe for use on both male and female patients.

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Hair Restore Lite Solution


Minoxidil / Azelaic Acid 5/12.5% 60 mL Dropper Bottle

The primary type of hair loss in men and women is androgenetic alopecia, also called female (or male) pattern hair loss. After age 30, approximately two-thirds of men will show a noticeable degree of hair loss. By the time men reach 50 years of age; roughly 85% of them will have noticeably thinning hair. The hair loss typically begins above the temples, and the hair will eventually recede to form the well-known “M” shaped hairline. The hair on the top of the scalp will also thin, frequently progressing to complete baldness.

However, in both sexes; hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia will happen because of the genetically influenced shortening of the anagen (hair growing) phase, and the lengthening of time between when hair is shed and the beginning of the next anagen phase.

What this means is that it takes much longer for the hair to begin growing back after being shed during the normal growth cycle. Additionally, the hair follicles will also change, diminishing and growing a shorter and thinner hair shaft. This process is called follicular miniaturization. The end result is that stronger, darker, and longer-lived hairs (terminal hairs) are replaced by shorter, weaker, paler hairs called vellus.


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