MedClub Medical Marijuana discusses inhalation delivery: “Vapes”

So you just obtained a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida…


Not sure how to get one? Watch this video above before reading…

  Now it is time to pick a product, there are so many different things to try, each dispensary has so many proprietary options to choose from, but which one is best for you?  

(When your doctor attaches your prescription to your card they can attach 2 forms of delivery, Oral, Inhalation, Rectal, Topical, or Sublingual.)


Today we are talking about “Inhalation”, or specifically Vaporizers.

  Keep in mind this delivery method also contains the seizure rescue spray known as “canatol”  

When choosing a vape you have 2 options:

Flower Vaporizers or Oil Vaporizers. We tend to like the Oil Vapes because they are better for your health if the concentrate they are made from is a high quality clean C02 extracted oil. Flower vapes are best for glaucoma but they are typically more expensive, require much more complex know how for the user and deliver less potency.  

Which is best?

We have a few different oil umbrellas which all products fall under, to understand cannabis products you must first have a basic understanding of the plant itself.  Sativa, Indica, Hybrids, and Ruderalis. We won’t be covering Rudaralis in this blog because it is technically not a high THC product.  
  • Sativa is great for pain relief and is highly psychoactive, produces a strong high, and can be effective for people with depression who find it hard to get out and be productive. This strain is not good for people with schizophrenia because it can cause unnecessary paranoia.
  • Indica or “In-Da-Couch” is the downer of marijuana, producing a relaxing body high, very effective for sleeping issues, IBS, atrophy, muscle spasms, RLS, MS, and ALS. This strain is best taken in the evenings since it will make the user tired and very relaxed.
  • Hybrids are basically combinations of each of these previously described types, sometimes they are more indica heavy, sometimes they are more sativa heavy but they are very effective for all symptoms once the patient finds the correct one. The trial and error period is very important, we recommend journaling during this time keep track of which products worked and which did not.

So what is a strain?

A strain is the specific terpene makeup of the cannabis plant, and may differ by smell or taste, or percentage based on the plants ancestry and breeding conditions. Different strains have different names, and different uses.

Which Vape is best?

  • There is no best, but we tend to start people out on the lowest THC content, and the simplest device. for example a Disposable Vaporizer with 120mg of Indica Oil would be a safe bet to start for just about any patient. This can introduce a novice to the effects of medical marijuana without producing an overwhelming high effect. These Disposable Vapes are typically $10-20 per device and come preloaded, they typically do not require any technical training, and can be thrown out after they expire.
  • The next type of vaporizer is the traditional vaporizer cartridge, these are the most popular and most traditional. They require a battery which produces the power which heats a small heating element inside the cartridge; which vaporizers the oil. These can be wildly different ranging from 10%-90% THC content and varying volumes. They also have CBD vaporizers available in these cartridge styles, we prefer the Oral route for any CBD products as the CBD vapes can produce a headache after prolonged use.
  • Flower vaporizers are the most complicated because they have a unit that takes some training to figure out how to work properly. There are many styles, tabletop, volcano, and handheld. Handheld are the most popular, flowermate® and G-pens® among some of the most popular brands. The marijuana is placed inside a small cylinder in the device, which is heated by a ceramic disk. This works very well for simple flower marijuana or buds. The problem with Floridas medical marijuana laws is that they don’t allow flower outside of a metal cartridge. So when you get it from the dispensary it comes pre loaded in a cartridge, this is a loophole of sorts, except when you try to actually vaporize it the cartridge prevents proper heat and air penetration.
  So all in all this is a user experience and a proper trial and error period will be necessary for any patient who is new to this type of thing. It may sound daunting but give it a try and you will learn very quickly which products you like best. It is all about finding the best relief, and keeping the process as cost effective as possible. The traditional vapes are about $30-90 depending on volume and content. The flower vaporizers are $100-300 for the device and the marijuana is usually about $15 per gram.     If you are interested in getting your Medical Marijuana Card and are a Florida resident you may call our clinic and schedule an appointment Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm at 1-833-FL-GREEN    

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