submental fat reduction

Nobody wants to have a double chin, especially women. There is allot of information about how this submental fat pocket is created (genetics, diet, lifestyle etc…) but when it comes to how to get rid of it, poof, no answers at all. We have finally been blessed with industry leading compounds that are simple to administer and now very affordable. A small vial is all that is necessary to be rid of this stubborn fat pocket once and for all. 

What is Kybella?

This chemical compound is a very specific mix of fat dissolving chemicals. It is made in sterile labs and is available directly to physicians. So far the clinical testing has been great, the only thing that would keep you from getting rid of that double chin is an infection in or around the injection site, otherwise your ready for the procedure. 

As easy as Botox!

The procedure is as simple as Botox! A very small needle is used for a number of small injections in the submental area, a slight burning sensation begins, lasting for a few minutes up to about an hour. Most people would call this a 1 or 2 on the general pain scale so it is attainable by almost everyone. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes and there is no down time. Some tenderness is all that is to be expected by the patient. 

How does the treatment work?

The trick with procedures like Kybella® injections is to stick with the series. If you are looking for the one and done, you might as well go get a chin lift from a plastic surgeon of your choosing. We have seen fantastic results but you have to commit to 4 treatments. The price point is extremely low compared to a chin lift or other facial plastic surgery. It is virtually painless, and there is no down time so you can literally go back to work right after. We believe in this series of treatments so much that we will not even sell our patients just one, we insist they sign up for the series because we want them to commit to see the full results and completely erase that double chin! This is our best marketing tool, once their friends and family see the dramatic change they instantly want to know where can I go, and how much will it cost. Word of mouth is our best friend, and since this is your face we are talking about, you will be proud to tell people how you dissolved 10 years from your appearance. 

The Cost

We try to be as competitive and fair with our pricing as possible. We know everyone has different financial situations, and not having the full series amount up front should not stop you from obtaining the beautiful look and confidence you desire. The full series of 4 is $1000, if you happen to need a 5th treatment we do not charge you anything additional, we really do just want you to be happy! All we need to get started is a $400 deposit which pays for the first treatment and acts as a deposit for the rest of the series. When you return for treatment #2 you can pay the full balance or split that up into 2 payments of $300. We really do just want everyone to achieve the best results possible, our business has grown by word of mouth and we aim to continue that trend! 

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