The Many uses of Botulinium (Botox)

    The Many uses of Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport)   By: Dr. Jennifer Guthrie     MedClub by Dr. Jenn – Palm Beach, FL Concierge Physician         In the last few years there have been numerous advancements in the cosmetic and functional medical fields. Some of these have been spearheaded […]

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M.D. West Palm Beach, PRP Specialists     We want to thank all our loyal health blog readers, commenters, and followers for taking the time to read the information we post. We truly love our job here at MedClub by Dr. Jenn. We are passionate about bringing the best procedures, anti-aging techniques, healthy living tips, […]

Botox® for Migraines in West Palm Beach, Florida

                September, 25th 2016 Jennifer Guthrie M.D.   What is a migraine… What is a migraine?  This is a question that has plagued the medical community for many years.  What we do know is that migraines is a problem with sensory processing creating central nervous system symptoms that […]