Lipo-B Shots Kit 30ml

Lipo-B Shots Kit 30ml

Complete Lipo-B Shots Kit – Training, Supplies, Evaluation, & Support Included.



This program contains evaluation & support, with all necessary supplies. This kit takes 5-7 business days to compound and ship, if you need it fast choose our VIP option HERE.

This complete Lipo-B Injection Therapy Kit has everything you need to perform 30 at home injections of Lipo-B. In The Box: 30mL of Lipo-B, 30  injection needles, 30 alcohol swabs. Online training, TeleMed Waiver, Phone Evaluation, & 2 day shipping included.

Benefits of Lipo-B Shot Injection Kit 30ml (Fat Burner)

  • Boosting the metabolism
  • Significant increase in energy levels
  • Enhancing patient mood
  • Helps to control cholesterol levels
  • May Improve skin tone
  • Assisting in converting carbohydrates to energy
  • Effectively removing fat from the liver
  • Very effective with low carb diets
  • Must be 18+ to order

Whats in the Kit?

  • 30mL Vial of Lipo-B (30 mL) directly from our compounding pharmacy
  • 30 1/2″ 27 gauge sterile injection syringe
  • 30 Alcohol Pads
  • Intramuscular injection instructions will be provided with each purchase
  • Tele-Med Waiver Must Be Completed before orders will be processed

How Ordering Our B-12 Shot Injection Kit Online Works

Step 1. Place Your Order

Step 2. A Team Member will reach out to you with a simple online medical form or simply click the link before or after your purchase.

Step 3. Schedule your TeleHealth Evaluation with our office (Want it faster? Choose VIP)

Step 4. Once the package arrives follow the included instructions or call us for 1 on 1 training & support

Step 5. Enjoy the benefits of twice weekly Lipo-B injections in the comfort of your own home!


How to perform B12 Shots (Training Video Link)

Step 1. Clean the top of the Lipo-B vial with provided alcohol swab

Step 2. Invert vial & insert needle

Step 3. Draw 1ml of Lipo-B into syringe

Step 4. Choose injection site & wipe with alcohol swab

Step 5. Insert needle into skin & push plunger

Step 6. Remove needle, discard safely, wipe area with alcohol

Step 7. Follow Lipo-B label for storage instructions

Step 8. Repeat twice per week for maximum benefits

Lipo-B shot injection instruction


This program may include compounded medications that are clinical substitutions of brand name medications compounded by licensed compounding pharmacies under section 503A. To learn more about the benefits, risks, and differences of compounded medication substitutes you may visit the FDA Drug Shortage List & FDA Compounding Substitutions Information Page. MedClub only utilizes pharmacies in the United States that adhere to the standards of practices under 503A, 503B, & 503C active licensing and therefore acts in good faith that these standards will be upheld by each licensed compounding pharmacy. These compounds may have deviations from the brand name substitute. If you have questions about compounded medications, the approval process, testing requirements or licensing patients must contact their dispensing 3rd party pharmacy directly.


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