Dr. Jenn’s Concentrated Fish Oil 1000mg x 60


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Dr. Jenn’s Concentrated Fish Oil 1000mg

Today, Fish oil is talked about a lot both positively and negatively.  On the negative side, there are warnings relating to toxins the oil can have due to the mercury levels in the ocean.  In our patented formula, we monitor all toxin levels to ensure our products has the purest oil on the market.  Fish oil has benefits to aid in the treatment of many ailments including various heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, AIDS, IBD, IBS, weakened immune system, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimers disease, macular degeneration and ulcers. It has also proven to aid in weight loss, maintaining pregnancy, fertility and skin care.  The most well documented benefit is on cardiovascular disease.  Through studies of Greenland Eskimos and their consumption of whale blubber and fish, it was concluded that the one single reason for their significant decrease in heart disease was related to their fish oil intake.  Overall, Fish Oil is among the most beneficial single supplement on the market today.

-Dr. Jenn


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