A Cannabis Medical Card in 2019

The Most Overlooked Facts about Getting A Cannabis Medical Card in 2018

Does the much- talked about Proposition 64 give you the same benefits as a cannabis medical card owner? No. In fact, Florida residents aren’t comfortable with the fact that state governments have absolute control over marijuana taxes. Owning a cannabis medical card entitles you to high-grade medicinal strains and oils from carefully vetted growers. Optimistic ganja lovers in Florida believe 2018 will be a great year. The Proposition 64 goes into full effect in January and, hopefully, enables residents to enjoy a wide variety of Indica and Sativa strains. However, most recreational marijuana users will have to endure industry teething problems due to numerous bureaucracies. Here are five facts why acquiring a cannabis medical card is the best option in comparison to Proposition 64.

1. Faster access to legally approved cannabis

During the implementation of a new law, the government holds numerous meetings with industry stakeholders. These consultations are time-consuming due to the presence of numerous clashing interests. It might probably take six months to a year before you see the first legally approved cannabis recreational dispensary. A cannabis medical card requires approval from a certified medical marijuana doctor in Florida. You’ll need a recommendation from your physician in order to see a certified medical marijuana doctor. The cannabis patient-registration process is also fast. Once your cannabis medical card expires, you can simply renew it online.

2. A cannabis medical card has lower age limits restrictions than Prop 64

Certified medical marijuana doctors in Florida require patients to be at least 18 years old in order to qualify for a cannabis medical card. A bulk of Florida’s population falls in the 18-40 year’s age bracket hence this stipulation enables the youth to benefit from marijuana’s potent health rejuvenating products. Since the government is still hesitant towards approving recreational marijuana use in Florida, Prop 64 only benefits users aged 21 years and above. Medical marijuana increases the body’s immunity against eye cataracts. It also boosts appetite in patients battling with chronic ailments such as cancer and HIV. Acquiring a cannabis medical card will enable you to enjoy these medicinal benefits much sooner than waiting for Prop 64’s implementation.

3. Comes with better maximum possession caps

Patients who suffer from recurrent illnesses such as anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, migraine, and joint aches, require huge amounts of medicinal marijuana on standby. However, medical cannabis is expensive and this limits some patients from having enough dosages. Sometimes patients get stranded when their local medical cannabis dispensaries run out of particular strains. Owning a cannabis medical card gives you the right to cultivate marijuana plants within a space of 100 square feet. This is equivalent to the size of a one-car garage. As a grower, you’ll have an abundant supply of your prescribed Indica and Sativa strains. Hence, you can work productively all day long by effectively dealing with symptoms as soon as they arise. You can grow a variety of medical cannabis strains inside your 100 square foot home garden since it’s large enough to partition into two. No matter how big your plants get, the police have nothing on you. On the other hand, Prop 64 makes it safe for Florida residents to possess just an ounce of recreational marijuana. Prop 64 offers little protection against hefty license fees and taxes levied against recreational marijuana growers. A non –commercial cultivator can only cultivate a maximum of six cannabis plants as per this law.

4. Protection while traveling

The presence of police roadblocks discourages many people from traveling with ounces within Florida. Since one cannot leave their illness at home when going on business trips or vacations, it’s advisable to have a cannabis medical card. A registered marijuana patient can possess more than an ounce of medical marijuana as long as they produce their cannabis medical card upon request by a law enforcement officer. Prop 64 still has a long way to go in terms of maximum possession limits for both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. Even after its implementation in January 2018, medical marijuana patients will still need their cannabis medical cards to carry more than an ounce of buds.

5. Protection from taxes

Prop 64 grants the government power to determine cultivation and consumer cannabis tax rates. It’s no secret that the Florida government intends to reap heavily from the budding recreational marijuana industry. Residents will have to endure expensive prices since the government will impose unfriendly cultivation tax rates on recreational cannabis growers. Reliable reports indicate that the average consumer tax rate will be at least 20 percent in most Florida cities. Signing up for a cannabis medical card exempts you from paying cultivation tax. The government won’t impose any levies on production as long as you don’t sell your product. Moreover, you won’t pay state consumer taxes when visiting medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida.

4 Advantages cannabis medicinal dispensaries have over recreational stores

1. Friendly budtender to customers ratio

Since a relatively small percentage of residents in Florida suffer from ailments that require cannabis prescriptions, the queues in dispensaries move swiftly. The budtenders in most cannabis medicinal stores are eager to explain characteristics of various strains on display. If you’ve never used a vaporizer, the budtender won’t mind giving you a few demonstrations. A recreational marijuana store is just like walking into a popular bar during a sports weekend. Here, the budtenders have to deal with long lines of customers. Sometimes, the budtender will limit you to smelling just a couple of buds because there are 50 other impatient customers who can’t wait to get high.

2. Stronger edibles and oils

Due to the government’s strict policies, cannabis recreational stores cannot sell edibles containing more than 100 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol. These low-THC edibles are ineffective when it comes to treating sudden onsets of joint aches. In addition, these edibles have minimal medicinal value since the producer focuses on maximizing the high. The government allows certified medical marijuana doctors to create highly potent edibles that contain up to 500 milligrams of THC. These edibles and oils also contain high amounts of Cannabidiol. This chemical contains medicinal properties that neutralize pain, stops anxiety attacks, and combat insomnia.

3. Consistency in high quality

The government’s scrutiny of the medical cannabis industry ensures that both growers and sellers provide cannabis medical card owners with high-quality products. Before customers can purchase a newly introduced medicinal Indica or Sativa, a team of doctors subjects it to laboratory tests. This policy ensures that customers get value for money at all times. A cannabis recreational storeowner may sell strains that only match their individual tastes or fall within their budget. When business is doing well, the store owner provides clients with top shelf strains. However, when sales are low, the cannabis recreational store can only provide low-THC buds.

4. Membership benefits

Cannabis dispensaries are always competing to dominate the Florida medical marijuana market. Loyal customers receive holiday discounts on strains and select smoking accessories from their favorite cannabis medicinal stores. High-end dispensaries will invite members for strain sampling events whenever a new cannabis strain hits the store. Some cannabis dispensaries help their customers find better treatment by recommending them to seasoned doctors. You’ll also receive free cannabis cookbook recipes and special discounts on select cannabis cup events near you.

Summing it up

Owning a cannabis medical card ensures you get value for money every time you step inside a marijuana dispensary. It’s quite affordable since some certified cannabis doctors charge as little as $200 dollars. This membership also enhances your traveling experiences since you can carry more than an ounce of medicinal marijuana within Florida. If you don’t want to stand in long lines inside cannabis recreational stores, get in touch with a certified marijuana doctor. Once you get your cannabis medicinal card, look for an ideal dispensary that offers fantastic membership perks.