Using Testosterone effectively and correctly

All these names, all this lingo, slang terms, “experts” saying contradicting things.. How would anyone ever breach this strange new world of bio-identical hormone replacement without either an endocrinologists supervision or at least a comprehensive assessment and walkthrough from a physician or trained healthcare professional? Well maybe you just need the basics… There is so much to this specialty that we could write endless articles, blogs, papers, reports, etc.. But for simplicitys sake, we are going to break down just the basics to get you informed about Testosterone (T) Replacement.

How to check if your testosterone levels are low…

How to protect my endocrine system while doing T…

I did steroids, I think my T is low,
how do I know if it will come back?

This is a difficult question to answer, and even more difficult to diagnose. Being on a minimal “T” therapy for the rest of your life isn’t the worst thing you can do. Its not detrimental if done correctly and it is the only option for allot of our clients whose endocrine systems don’t respond to a cycle of HCG promotion. We can take a few courses of blood work, find out if the body is staying at what we can steady state, or if a rise or decline is happening. This takes a few months, but it is achievable thus producing a more or less accurate diagnosis. As for sperm count, function, density, hair loss, mood, weight gain, well… if the symptoms persist than that answer is usually clear before we even finish our testing. The sad part is that once a guy cycles off, and stays off, he usually goes through an emotional period, his coping mechanics suffer, relationships can be affected, but the worst part is that he usually adopts the symptoms of Low T as his “new normal” and thats that. Because the body is so gradual, and the mind so willing to accept when pre-disposed to depression, we rarely see guys recover on their own from this. It is not a mental illness though, just a chemical imbalance in the hormonal system. Talk to your doctor, get bloodworm done, thorough blood-work. If your doctor isn’t testing Estradiol, T3,T4, T-total, Free-T, uptakes etc, and doesn’t know why you need HCG thats not the specialist you need to be seeing for this. No offense to your primary care or internist of course.

How much is this gonna cost?

I can only speak for my clinic. We charge $250 up front for labs, diagnosis, and the initial visit, training etc. After that I think we probably come in allot lower than other doctors but thats ok, we aren’t greedy at MedClub, we work on a referral basis and we have so many happy clients they are our number one advertisers. We usually charge $150 a month for supplies and new prescriptions. You can take the prescription anywhere and find the best deal on having it filled. We have sublingual HCG 500mg which is really powerful stuff as far as a sublingual goes. We have great relationships with labs and pharmacies that compound and ship products to clients, so we will work with anyone and after the initial visit you are looking at about $250 a month total to feel amazing. We know our competition charges $600-1200 per month for this service, but we don’t care, we really just enjoy building relationships with our clients, and in turn they refer us new business. You can buy your supplies right from our website, we have all syringe sizes, all needle sizes, all pre-packaged, and all sterile. We include instructional videos on how to properly perform IM Injections as well. click this link to check out our shop page.

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