MedClub by Dr. Jenn will now be offering Testosterone Replacement Therapy in West Palm Beach as well as Hormone Balancing for men, and women. This is not a cut and dry subject, there are many many factors that come into play. I will break down the absolute basics and if you want to see if you qualify for this treatment you may contact us anytime!


Fat and Estrogen

Hormones affect every part of the body, fat is no exception. Every man needs some estrogen, no matter what age. Estrogens role in men ranges from spermatogenesis (creating mature sperm) to cardiovascular health to bone strength, but too much estrogen can lead to unwanted side effects and overall discontent. In humans the most prevalent form of estrogen is estradiol (E2) and is what we test when doing hormone balancing. When estrogen levels increase, a specific receptor on subcutaneous fat, antilipolytic a2A-adrenergic receptors, increase on subcutaneous fat cells. The result of the stimulation of this receptor is decrease lysis of these adipocytes… in other words the body holds on to these adipose cells and it becomes all but impossible to get rid of this layer of fat that is just under the skin. Further insult to injury is these adipocytes (fat cells) have an enzyme called aromatase in them. The role of this enzyme is to turn testosterone to estrogen. So high estrogen makes it nearly impossible to reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat which in turn increases your estrogen. A vicious cycle that cannot be broke without help. So what are the signs that your estrogen is increased? It doesn’t mean that you will suddenly develop a form that looks more feminine, it means that no matter how hard you work out, you cannot see muscle development under a layer of fat, it means that every diet you have tried doesn’t help to rid your body of this fat, it means total frustration.




There are many great blogs and tons of good information out there if you want to do research about TRT/HRT. The basics are that you have less test than your father, and he his. The average testing scale is based on the control groups of 17-80 year old men. So this means that if you score a 500-600 that is considered “normal” range whether you are 17 or 80! We would prefer to see you closer to your 17 year old range than having the readings of an 80 year old, but that is your choice. If you qualify and decide you want to tackle the issue, some extensive studying of your blood work is required before we can put together a custom tailored plan of action and supplementation. The blood work, testing, consult, case study, and custom care plan is $495.

Next we will move on to the actual supplementation TRT/HRT part of this therapy program. We offer two types of services, the first is a complete concierge style approach. This means we will visit you at your home once or twice a week to administer the injections, answer questions, and monitor your progress to find the optimal balance for you. This treatment option is $350/Wk and comes with one free IV Vitamin Infusion or Vitamin shot of your choice per month if you choose to recover and hydrate like the pros. Our clients who are serious about training will collaborate their toughest workouts adjacent to these days.


The second style of treatment is for the guys who would rather save money and handle the injections themselves. We will go through the entire process with you the first time, but after that you will be responsible for picking up your Rx at the pharmacy, administering your own injections once, or twice per week, and keeping in line with the sterile technique we teach you. If your not intramuscular needle shy than this option is perfect for you, it also comes at a industry bargain of $450/Month. The actual prescriptions are not expensive, usually $60-120 per month.


Testosterone west palm beach
Testosterone west palm beach

What is the difference between Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and “juicing or cycles”?

This is an important question, it is also a question I get asked all the time while at the gym, or anywhere for that matter. Doesn’t matter whether you get your stuff from your buddy or that roided out guy in the locker room that seems to be an “expert” in the subject and says “It’ll be fine Bro, there are so many things wrong with messing with your hormones if you are not a physician. Most importantly when you take exogenous testosterone (from outside sources) it inhibits your pituitary gland from secreting leutinizing hormone, which will shut off production of natural testosterone from your testes. Sometimes this is permanent, especially if you don’t taper off or take Tamoxafan which limits the amount of estrogen your body produces. This is important because once you do a few black market cycles and quit your testosterone drops and will NEVER be the same. Secondly the products coming from the “black market” are rife with unreliable dosing, fillers, tampering, and worst of all contamination which will open up the body to all sorts of nasty infections, and blood borne pathogens. Next we will get into the rage, emotional shifting, and moody imbalances. This happens to tons of people because the dosage is so far from being correct that is causes huge spikes in testosterone, then the body quits and goes into a “valley” then peaks out again from the next dose. So basically you become the incredible hulk on crack, then a whiny little child, all in one week sometimes. Not to say everyone reacts this way, but some do so be aware of that, the term “roid rage” comes from this. Lastly I would have to say is the least important and most easily fixed, but it scares most guys to death. Tiny little Testicles about the size of a 2 year olds, caused by a lack of leutinizing hormone, easily fixed with perfectly measured HCG. So guys, its really simple, take the risk, suffer permanent consequences. OR, do it the proper way, and live healthier, happier, stronger, and more efficiently. No brainer.

If you have not been feeling like you used to, think about painting the house more than getting frisky with your partner, can’t seem to catchup at the gym, or burn that stubborn fat, than we may be able to help you. Most of our clients report an increase in mood, muscle tone, muscle mass, weight control, sexual appetite, sexual performance, attitude, concentration, mental cognition, memory, and general aptitude. We are professionals who have trained with the industry leaders in this field including A4M. If you want to do this, we recommend you do this the right way, with a specialized Physician.



 We will write a separate page about female hormone balancing since that subject is much more complex and requires a more in depth article, but you may request a consult if you are interested.

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Stay Young Gentlman.


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