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When I began medical school, I already had a background in nursing.  As a nurse with Hospice, I could spend time with my patients and understand their needs.  This background allowed me to see the invaluable insight that formed my view of medicine.  It was through this personal interaction with patients that I truly understood them and their expectations.  It allowed me to understand what their baseline was so I could adequately treat them.  When I started the road leading to my medical degree, I continued to think that time with patients and truly knowing them was the key to good medicine.  I was soon pushed into the big business of hospitals and insurance companies.  This new ideal of medicine is about fighting with insurance companies for their meager, very small percentage payment and a crazy rush to see more and more patients.  I finally had enough and decided to stop and re-evaluate my career.  I missed the person behind the patient.  I missed the interaction and the understanding of each person’s needs.  The only difference I felt like I was making was losing my serenity and passion in medicine.  That is when I started concierge medicine.  Not only could I spend time with my patients, I could treat the whole person…not just put a Band-Aid on and walk away.  Since I  can keep my fees low so nearly everyone can afford my services.  I walked away from insurance the moment I realized they were dictating the treatment of my patients. There are many different reasons my patients call me such as they don’t have to go to the doctor’s office, lug their kids to an office filled with germs or just want to keep their privacy.  Today, I love every single day and get to meet such wonderful and diverse people.  I get to meet visitors here on vacation or business, seasonal visitors and those who have planted their roots here.  I feel lucky each and every day for the honor of getting to know my patients and treat them like I would my family.

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