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We want to thank all our loyal health blog readers, commenters, and followers for taking the time to read the information we post. We truly love our job here at MedClub by Dr. Jenn. We are passionate about bringing the best procedures, anti-aging techniques, healthy living tips, and generally healthy information so that you, our readers, can make the most informed decisions possible pertaining to your health! So to stay up on the latest trends we have found a new media avenue to get our information out to the public; Podcasting! What a great idea, a totally free form of media with which to showcase all of our health rants, raves, debates, explanations, and even live video demonstrations. We will be covering everything from the absorption efficiency of organic juicing to Platelet Rich Plasma, cosmedical experiments, and everything we decide to put under the proverbial, or literal microscope. We wanted these Podcasts to feel organic, unscripted, and natural so we have kept the editing to an absolute minimum. Dr. Jenn, and I banter back and forth discussing all sorts of topics, pro/con, ethical/unethical, and we decided to share these conversations with you. We have many topics lined up with which to organically start a podcast, but if you have any ideas we will take all reasonable ones. You are welcome to leave a comment below, or on our YouTube channel where the podcasts will be posted. We also travel all over the world sport fishing so if you want to comment about that we are always up for talking fish. Cheers!


Our first Podcast is a discussion about the Vampire Facial® and I will personally be having it done on camera for you to witness. Thank you for watching!

Z. Wilson/Jennifer Guthrie R.N.,M.D.
Owner – MedClub by Dr. Jenn
American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association
International Society of Sexual Medicine
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M

Healthy Living Podcast #2

How to make raw organic juice, tips for losing weight, increasing energy while limiting your caffeine, and energy drink consumption. Gut biome discussion, hormone balancing and juice extractor comparisons.








Testosterone Replacement Therapy, HCG,HGH,SARMS, and Steroids from the physicians point of view.


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