Did you know Botox can be used to treat excessive perspiration/sweating…


How can Botox® help with my overactive sweating?

Primary bilateral axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating is a fairly common condition that can become problematic both socially and privately.  This issue is a chronic issue with no known etiology.  Up to 5% of the population suffers from excessive perspiration and during teenage years during all the physical changes, many suffer from chronic underarm sweating which may decrease once they get older.  We have eccrine (thermoregulation) and apocrine (pheromone) sweat glands all over our bodies, but they are more concentrated in areas such as axillary region, palms, etc.   The main purposes of perspiration from eccrine glands is temperature control to help maintain our core temperature within a narrow window, while the purpose of apocrine glands is a response to stress, anxiety, sexual stimulation and adrenaline causing release of pheromones in a lipid form.


  How we sweat is an interesting phenomenon. No matter which gland is stimulated to secrete, a nerve innervates a very small myoepithelial (thin muscle layer) on the gland.  Once stimulated, the material in the gland is squeezed to the top of the gland creating sweat.  There are some treatments right now that either have very uncomfortable side effects or don’t work as well as people would like.  This issue can create severe anxiety in any intimate or social setting and can effect someone’s life dramatically.  How can Botox® help? Botox interferes with innervation of muscles by nerves essentially blocking the muscles’ activity.  When injected in the underarm, the small muscle layer that squeezes the gland is neutralized and the amount of perspiration is greatly reduced.  With a single treatment, the excessive perspiration is decreased significantly for  4-12 months. The overall success rate in decreasing perspiration is 98%.  If interesting in this procedure or pricing please contact us.



    Dr. Jenn




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