Prescription Weightloss Program

What to expect from MedClub’s Weight-Loss Program?
*High Energy
*Decrease Appetite
*Weight Loss!

Weight loss is a subject that many people struggle with on a daily basis. The effects from being
overweight do not stop at physical limitations. Depression and anxiety often follow weight gain and it
can be crippling. Over the past several years, we have developed a plan that has helped many people
lose the extra pounds that have haunted them for years. Our weight loss program has three
components that assist each other in achieving the goals for each individual patient.

In the initial visit, we will discuss the plan specific to you and a healthy goal that you wish to achieve.
During this visit, we will establish your current weight and your ideal weight. We will also discuss
different medications which may assist you in reaching your goal. The last part of the plan is a diet that
is healthy and sustainable so it can be the foundation of a new lifestyle.

Once the perfect approach is decided, your journey begins to shed extra pounds. We will see you once a
month to monitor and discuss your weight loss. During these monthly appointments, we have the
opportunity to discuss any problems, stressors or other life factors that make losing weight more

The average time it takes to lose weight with our program varies greatly from person to person and the
amount of weight loss one is looking to shed. The average amount of time to reach the goal weight and
stay on medication is 6 months.