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Best Price Botox West Palm Beach
with everything to satisfy all your aesthetic needs.

MedClub by Dr. Jenn is a homey, discreet, concierge styled Botox Center in Palm Beach, FL with excellent solutions for all your beauty and other aesthetic needs. The center is highly regarded by clients throughout Palm Beach Gardens and the entire County for its wide range of esthetic services, from hair restoration, and injectables to skin rejuvenation, vampire breast lifts and much more. As a leading authority on Botox treatment, Dr. Jenn has the solution to your beauty needs.

Clients seeking the best Botox and other beauty treatments are attracted to MedClub by Dr. Jenn by the center’s innovative yet discreet concierge approach. Dr. Jenn has now expanded her Palm Beach Gardens Botox services to include both office and home services. This is a place where you get to enjoy cozy discreet treatment to satisfy all your beauty needs from the convenience of your home. Get the best Botox Palm Beach Gardens experience without having to schedule a clinic or hospital visit. Dr. Jenn’s Med Club brings high-quality care and beauty treatment to your home

About Dr. Jenn


Dr. Jennifer Guthrie runs this excellent MedClub service which is renowned for its inventive approach to providing excellent Botox and other beauty treatments to clients from the comforts of their homes. Dr. Jenn is a physician and an authority on beauty and Botox treatment. She is committed to giving her clients a unique patient-oriented style of beauty care throughout Palm Beach and its environs.

Dr. Jenn is a Cum Laude graduate of Towson University where she graduated with a degree in nursing. Her experience in the field of medicine includes having served as an oncology nurse at the Mercer School of Medicine. She was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine degree from Mercer in 2010 and later did her residency at the University of South Alabama Medical center which she completed in 2013.

As a professional physician and Botox specialist in Palm Beach, Dr. Jennholds membership to a number of leading medical societies. Her research work in different medical fields has been published in a number of medical journals and other publications. Dr. Jenn is also recognized by many West Palm clients as one of the few Botox specialists in the region who values the welfare of her clients.


Botox Palm Beach Gardens: Key Services

At MedClub by Dr. Jenn, you get more than just Botox treatment. We have a wide range of services tailored to meet your unique health and beauty needs, from Testosterone Replacement Therapy to PRP and much more. Contact us today to find out how we can address your unique needs. Meanwhile, here are some of the key services we provide in the most serene and cozy Botox Palm Beach Gardens:

* Acne Control

* Sexual Health

* Removing scars

* PRP Facial

* Lip and filler Augmentation

* Platelet Rich Plasma Spasticity

* And much more


Call us today for inquiries and more information about your unique Botox and health needs but you are assured of getting the abovementioned services at MedClub by Dr. Jenn from the convenience of your home. Dr. Jennrcognizes that the modern fast-paced life leaves you with little time to take care of your health and skincare needs while struggling to keep up with the daily demands of life. It is often difficult to find time to visit a hair and skin care specialist which is why you need Dr. Jenn’sunique Botox treatment from the comforts and convenience of your home.


MedClub by Dr. Jenn’s Aesthetics Services
in Palm Beach, FL

We believe your beautiful inner self should be reflected by an equally beautiful look. This is why at MedClub by Dr. Jenn in Palm Beach, FL, we place a great value and priority to your physical aesthetics. Your new beautiful look is our highest priority. Dr. Jenn has the best aesthetic solution for skin that has lost its youthful sheen, loss of natural elasticity in your face, or even a bust that has lost its lift and tightness. Check our aesthetics treatment section or call us to schedule an appointment to learn more about our Botox West Palm Beach Gardens and cozy home treatment.


Men’s Health at MedClub by Dr. Jenn

We provide a wide range of health services specifically targeting men. These include functional male health treatment, anti-aging therapy, extreme sports injuries treatment and care, and testosterone replacement therapy just to mention a few. Contact us today to find out how we can help you overcome your unique men’s health problem. Our expert physicians provide private concierge men’s health services in the comforts of our local office. We make private house calls with customized treatment plans for our clients at a premium. Our goal is to provide full undivided attention to our clients’ needs in the most comfortable way.


Sexual Health Therapy

Sexual health is an integral aspect of life but is often overlooked by many people. We all need to feel able and confident at the right time. At MedClub by Dr. Jenn, we ensure that you are both physically and psychologically fit to get there. We understand how crucial intimate concerns are in your self-esteem and overall welfare. It is common today for both men and women to experience dissatisfaction with their sexual life. In most cases, factors that contribute to the dissatisfaction are beyond their control. As an expert physician and sexual health professional, Dr. Guthrie provides safe and effective therapies to rejuvenate sexual health among men and women throughout Palm Beach County and its environs. Check our Sexual Health section or simply call us today to learn more.


Women’s Therapy at MedClub by Dr. Jenn in Palm Beach, FL

We provide safe and effective PRP treatments for women who suffer from a variety of sexually related symptoms including the following:

* Low sexual desire

* Painful sex

* Accidents while jumping, coughing or laughing

* Arousal difficulties

* Inability to reach orgasm

* Vaginal dryness

* Lichen Sclerosus

Decreased arousal and unfulfilled sexual enjoyment is a common condition among women today. The condition can be due to a wide range of causes and factors. At MedClub by Dr. Jenn, we provide PRP therapy which is an effective solution to women with decreased sexual sensation, arousal, and desire. The treatment is also effective against other common issues such as incontinence, diminished intensity of orgasm, and vaginal dryness. We use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the intimate area and increase sensitivity for optimal sexual responsiveness and pleasure. Contact us today to learn more about PRP and how it can help to improve your sexual vaginal sensitivity, arousal, and increase your libido.


Our Wide Range of Beauty and Skin Care Products

At MedClub by Dr. Jenn, you get a wide variety of medical-grade skin care products designed to give your skin the tender loving care it deserves. Skin care products are important in enhancing the effectiveness of any beauty treatment and reducing or eliminating signs of aging including the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as you grow older. It is also important to ensure that you only use the best and safest medical-grade skincare products to avoid unwanted skin damages and complications. At MedClub by Dr. Jane, you will be guided on which products to use for the best results.

Our line of physician-grade skin care products includes Needle Free serum, Pore Refining Pumpkin Mask, SPF 60 Lotion, Ultra-Hydrating Booster, and much more. We also provide FDA-approved Latisse treatment for thickening and extending eyelashes, Call us today to learn more about the benefits of using our skin care products.

Our goal is to provide you with the best Botox Palm Beach Gardens experience at the best price. Check our website daily for special discounts on Botox and other health and beauty services throughout Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.

Rebekah Bicksler

“I had never received micro needling on my face before. Zaq did a great job of explaining the procedure. During the microneedling, they made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love the results- my face feels soft and glows! I will definitely be keeping this in my skin regime; thank you MedClub!”
-Rebekah Bicksler

Rebekah Bicksler

Rina M.

“I was very hesitant to try anything on my face. However, when I met with Dr. Jen, she was so nice and experienced with what she does every day! She assured me that I would not be disappointed, and she was right! After getting filler done on my lips (2 syringes of Belotero) and a little bit of Botox above my upper lip to prevent the “gummy smile,” I couldn’t be happier with the results! I truely have a picture perfect smile and the most proportioned lips I’ve ever seen! The process was so quick and easy as well! Definitely going to use Dr. Jen for any future work I’d like to get done or touch up!!!”
-Rina M.

Rina M.

Nathan B.

“Dr. Jenn has made it simple, easy, and understandable on the benefits of proper hormone levels and how they were effecting my moods, health, and my overall body. She has gone above and beyond to make sure my health and well being is at the forefront of her treatment and my care.”
-Nathan B.
(TRT Patient)

Nathan B.